Chineze Onwuta Acceleration Lead


Chineze is a business development and finance professional skilled at strategizing and developing innovative solutions to promote growth, efficiency and expand global presence.


Chineze holds a BSc in Public Finance from Indiana University. She has also completed professional courses in Finance, Project Management and Business Development.

Work Experience

Chineze has over 7 years of experience working as a Consultant on projects within Energy, Agribusiness, Real Estate and the Entrepreneurial Space. Her experience spans across North America and Sub-saharan Africa where she has driven several companies and enterprises to expand their operations and financial portfolios globally.

She also sits on the board of Destiny Global Foundation where she facilitates annual programs to educate youth on financial illiteracy and to improve access to primary care in Southeastern Nigeria.


  • MBTI Type : The Protagonist
  • Enneagram Type : The Seven (The Enthusiast)
  • Favorite Thinking Hat : White, Green