Cynthia Johnson Guest Manager


Cynthia is an enthusiastic human resource professional who is keen on self-development with a genuine interest in business. She is currently the Guest Management Lead at Impact Hub Lagos ensuring that both guests and members at the hub have a unique and memorable experience.


She holds a Bsc in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from University of Ilorin with a membership and proficiency certificate in Management from the Nigerian Institute of Management(Chartered). She is also a student member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management on her final journey to becoming an Associate Member. She is currently taking an online course in French. Cynthia has people management, organisation and event planning skills.

Work Experience

Cynthia has years of experience across different sectors performing in operations, human resources as well as guest management. Prior to working with Impact Hub Lagos, she worked as a Customer Service Manager where she accomplished sales and organization’s mission and also contributed to the growth and profitability by increasing company’s portfolio, maintaining client database as well as building healthy relationships with leads and clients as well as company team members. She has also volunteered in the health and transportation sector.


  • MBTI Type : The Advocate
  • Enneagram Type : Type 1 (The Reformer)
  • Favorite Thinking Hat : White, Red and Yellow Hat