Kristin Wilson Innovation Lead


Kristin designs solutions at the confluence of business, culture, and politics in emerging markets. Using technology and psychometric tools, she helps companies reach, build, and engage with customers in these markets. She has experience living on four continents and operating across a variety of industries including healthcare, technology, education, digital media and agriculture. Working with the speciality solutions firm, Spurt!, she engages with startups and SMEs operating in sub-Saharan Africa to provide strategic business advisory, research intelligence and data-driven operations optimisation.


Kristin’s research at Stanford University focuses on the medical humanities, exploring comparative cosmologies, concept change and travelling theory particularly as they pertain to notions of embodiment and spatiotemporal imaginations. Her doctoral dissertation meditates on how texts enable creation and transaction between worldviews; she explores how ideas and words transition from abstract into concrete practice by paying special attention to how cosmology interacts with therapeutic strategies. In her spare time, Kristin is actively engaged in scientific research, management of her social enterprise and grassroots community organising. Kristin holds an MSc in African Studies from the University of Oxford and an MA in Philosophy. She also holds a BA in Comparative Literature from Princeton University with minors in Neuroscience and East Asian Studies.Kristin is a polyglot who spends her free time experimenting with project management methodologies. She’s currently on a Scrum and Kanban dive.She is completing a Ph.D at Stanford University.

Work Experience

As Lead Strategist at Spurt! Kristin delivers robust solutions for growth and scaling by focusing on human capital development, change management and futuretivity. At the core of Spurt!’s practice is the application of human-centred design thinking to project planning and delivery.


  • MBTI Type : INTJ-A (The Architect)
  • Enneagram Type : Type 5 (The Investigator)
  • Favorite Thinking Hat : White Hat